Archived Devotions

Giving My All

The Key that leads to the Gift of Life

Step into the Light

Lost and Found

What to do when you leave the House of the Lord

What to do while you are in the House of the Lord

How to go to the House of the Lord

The Importance of the House of the Lord

The Name

Here They Come

I Have Hope

Shout it Out

Pass the Salt

Stronger through Weakness

A Friend of God

Pride of Babel
The Promise Came at Pentecost

Keeping The Main Thing First

Spirit and Truth

Prayer is the way back to God

The Fear of the Lord

God's Instruction Book

Rise Up

Easter - The Gospel Story

Take Up Your Cross

Healthy and Strong

Reach Out

Serve or be Served 

Time To Grow Up 

Helping Hands

Blessings through Obedience

Let it Shine

Filled with the Spirit

Step into the Water

A Heart of Repentance

Order My Life

Jesus Gives Abundant Life

Salvation Has Come

The Most Precious Gift

Peace on Earth

Prepare Your Heart

Shout It Out

Heart of Thanks

Time to Grow Up

The Choice is Yours

A Glorious Church

True Riches

Power of the Blood

Are You Listening?

Do Not Well If We Do Not Tell

Perfect Peace

The Doctor Is In

The Miracle of Salvation

Learning God's Way

True Riches

It's All For Jesus

Are You Listening?

Fear of Missing Out

Something Impossible for God

Called and Cleansed

Trusting God

Be An Example

Walking By Faith

Here Comes Trouble

Better than silver and Gold

Common Ground

The promise is yours

Wait on the Promise

Healing is just a touch away


Upward Call

Joyful Noise

The Best Place To Be

He is Risen

Jesus Paid it All

Time for God

Chosen to Serve

Straight and Narrow

Lifeline of Prayer

The Crown Is Won Through Discipline

My Neighbor

Be Merciful

God is Love

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The Straight and Narrow

Giving With Purpose

New Beginnings

Contending for the Faith

All Things New

The Birth of a Promise

Greatest Gift

God With Us

Faith That Works

A Heart of Gratitude

Walking by Faith

God's Heritage

All We Need

Miraculous Faith

A Vessel of God

Stronger Together

The Right Kind of Anger

A Compelling Witness

Hosanna to the Son of David

Compare the Cost

Celebrating Pentecost

I Must be Saved

Sifting of the Saints

Serving God, Serving Others

Seek the Most Important Thing

Giving Your All

Standing on the Rock

Your House or Mine

Do You Really Love Jesus


Free at Last

Victory Over the Past

Trust and Obey

We All Need Him

Faithful Servant

The Way Up is Down

Right Place Right Time

You've Got the Power

Doing the Right Thing

Now Faith

No Other Gospel

Loving the Routine

Taste and See

He's Alive

Joined to God but Separated from the World

Standing Tall

Not for Sale

Holding On

Delivered and Devoted

Wait on the Lord

True Love

Thy Name oh Lord

Spread the Word

Can't Stop Now

Washed Away

A New Year and a Renewed Spirit

Winds of Change

The Savior is Born

Celebrating Jesus

His Star Still Shines

Do You See What I See

Giving What You Got

Thank You Jesus

Taming the Tongue

Courage in the Face of Fear

Citizens of Two Countries

Honor for the Ministry

Cost of Discipleship

Gracefully Giving

Point of Reference

Comfort in Chaos

Ministry of Love

Household of Love and Faith

The Love of God Lives Here

I am the Church

Born with a Purpose

Practice of Prayer

Believe the Word

Ready or Not

Listening - Great Communication

Now or Later

Separating the Noise

Standing on the Rock

Right by my Side

A Student of the Word

More than a Conqueror

Known by your Fruit

Seek and Save

Happy Birthday

What are you Afraid of

Redeemed by the Blood

Believing when not Seeing

Family Ties

Run to Win

He Cares for me

The Blood Still Works

Crowd Pleasers or God Pleasers

Fear to Faith

Standing Firm

Being Sensitive

Choose to Rejoice

Called to Rise Up

The Word Saves

Greatest Commandment

Power of Prayer

A Matter of the Heart

True Discipleship

Fresh Start

Seeing Clearly

Good Intentions