Archived Devotions

A High Calling

A Holy Calling

A Worthy Calling

Called to be Saints

The Word of God Helps You Win

The Word of God is Alive


Do You See What I See?

Spirit and Truth

You Can Count On Me

Hannah's Heartfelt Prayer: Trusting God's Timing

Be Prepared

Jochebed's Faith: Trusting God's Plan for Moses

Redemption From Sin


A Borrowed Tomb

The Last Supper


Satisfaction Guaranteed

To Be Like Jesus

Friend of God

Love Your Neighbor

Outside the Box

Turn on the Light

Prayer Works

A New Beginning

When Jesus Comes In

The Announcement of the Miracle

The Miracle in the Manger

Joseph's Faithful Resolve: A Divine Revelation

The Promise of the Messiah

Thankful for Freedom

Thankful for the Church

Thankful for Family

Thankful for the Word

Becoming the Pastor's MVP

The Heart of a Servant: Attitude is Everything

Catching Fire: Supporting Your Pastor's Vision

The Pastoral Armory

A God-Called Shepherd

Prepared for the Promise

Giving My All

The Key that leads to the Gift of Life

Step into the Light

Lost and Found

What to do when you leave the House of the Lord

What to do while you are in the House of the Lord

How to go to the House of the Lord

The Importance of the House of the Lord

The Name

Here They Come

I Have Hope

Shout it Out

Pass the Salt

Stronger through Weakness

A Friend of God

Pride of Babel
The Promise Came at Pentecost

Keeping The Main Thing First

Spirit and Truth

Prayer is the way back to God

The Fear of the Lord

God's Instruction Book

Rise Up

Easter - The Gospel Story

Take Up Your Cross

Healthy and Strong

Reach Out

Serve or be Served 

Time To Grow Up 

Helping Hands

Blessings through Obedience

Let it Shine

Filled with the Spirit

Step into the Water

A Heart of Repentance

Order My Life

Jesus Gives Abundant Life

Salvation Has Come

The Most Precious Gift

Peace on Earth

Prepare Your Heart

Shout It Out

Heart of Thanks

Time to Grow Up

The Choice is Yours

A Glorious Church

True Riches

Power of the Blood

Are You Listening?

Do Not Well If We Do Not Tell

Perfect Peace

The Doctor Is In

The Miracle of Salvation

Learning God's Way

True Riches

It's All For Jesus

Are You Listening?

Fear of Missing Out