January 2018  
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Archived Devotionals

A Brand New Me


Order My Life


A Living Hope


The Birth of a Promise


Jesus Broke The Curse


The Greatest Gift


It's All For Jesus


Heart of Thanks


The Voice of God


The Best Place to Be


A Glorious Church


True Riches


Sifting of the Saints


You Can Follow Me


Perfect Peace


Are You Listening?


Time For God


Contending For The Faith


The Straight and Narrow


The Doctor Is In


Walking by Faith


Right by my Side


A Vessel of God


Be an Example


Called and Cleansed


Here Comes Trouble


Chosen to Serve


Miraculous Faith




Better Than Silver and Gold


Common Ground


The Promise is Yours


Wait on the Promise


Be Prepared


Stronger Together


A Friend of God


Redemption From Sin


He Is Risen!


Redemption Manger


Trusting God


Power Of The Blood


The Lifeline Of Prayer


Giving With Purpose


The Crown Is Won Through Discipline


Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Do Not Well, If We Do Not Tell


Love Your Neighbor


A Compelling Witness


Eyes on the Prize


Promises Fulfilled


A Fresh Start


Jesus Gives Abundant Life


God With Us and In Us


Prepared For the Promise


The Way Up is Down


How Thankful Are You?


You've Got the Power


Prayer is the Way Back to God


Rise Up


Our Shepherd Feeds Us


A Good Shepherd Gives His Life


Voice of the Shepherd


Giving Your All


Joined To God But Separated From The World


Faithful Servant


True Discipleship


The Cost Of Discipleship


Be Healed!


Pure Religion Is Faith Plus Action


Taming The Tongue


Standing Firm


Victory Over The Past


We Overcome Because He Overcame


Victory Over The Enemy


Courage In The Face Of Fear


Free At Last!


Standing On The Rock


Not Popular But Right


Trust And Obey


Now Faith!


Once Broken But Now Blessed


Delivered And Devoted


Right Time Right Place


To Learn Or To Lean


We All Need Him


Do You Really Love Jesus?


New Life, New Fruit


Dying To Live


Jesus, Our Sacrifice And New Life


Crowd Pleasers or God Pleasers


The Blood Still Works


Seek And Save


My Neighbor


Your House or Mine?


The Greatest Commandments


Known by your Fruits


Prayer is the Key


Filled with the Spirit


Washed Away


The Key That Leads to the Gift of Life